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Our Story

At Express Trade Finance (ETF), we strive hard for issuing of trade finance instruments in the best interest of our customers. ETF provides a comprehensive approach to structuring complex trade transactions for a variety of stakeholders including importers, exporters and traders. We provide Letters of Credit to purchase your goods, move them across the world and accelerate your cash flow.

ETF with its presence in India and United Arab Emirates, offers immediate solutions for your requirements. Our commitment to overseeing each and every transaction has provided our clients with countless savings and ensured that even the most complex deals are successfully completed.

Our vision

At Express Trade Finance, we're committed to simplifying access to key financial tools for global trade success. Through seamless access to letters of credit, bank guarantees, and more, we empower businesses of all sizes to thrive internationally. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, we serve as a trusted ally in navigating the complexities of global trade finance. Continuously evolving, we adapt our services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring their prosperity in the dynamic world of international commerce.

Our Mission

At Express Trade Finance, we offer streamlined access to bank instruments, ensuring fast and hassle-free transactions for our clients. With our team of financial experts, we provide personalized guidance for informed decision-making. Simplifying international trade finance, we connect businesses with essential financial instruments, facilitating global trade opportunities. Our client-centric solutions empower businesses to expand into new markets, upheld by trust, integrity, and transparency, making us the preferred partner for trade finance needs.


Consulting Capability

We’re experts in trade finance instrument issuance, we serve as knowledgeable advisors and business mentors.

Customer Centric

The instrument type is decided on basis of customer’s requirements. Our services are tailor fit to each client’s requirements.

Increased Cash Flow

The instruments issued are non-collateral based. Express Trade Finance offers unsecured letters of credit which means that you do not have to tie up valuable collateral or cash margin to open a letter of credit. Hence, having an increased cash flow for the client.

Ability to Partner

We always welcome brokers and consultants who are willing to introduce clients to our company.

Benefits of Securing These Facilities from Express Trade Finance

Financial instruments offer buyers several benefits:
  • Access to capital without tying up funds.
  • Risk mitigation through secure transactions.
  • Enhanced negotiating power with suppliers.
  • Facilitation of global trade with assurance of payment.
  • Improved cash flow management for strategic allocation of funds.
Financial instruments offer sellers several advantages:
  • Payment assurance reduces the risk of non-payment or delays.
  • Access to global markets expands business opportunities.
  • Improved cash flow with timely payments.
  • Risk mitigation against currency fluctuations and buyer default.
  • Enhanced credibility fosters stronger business relationships.

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